How to create great animation using Pivot Stickfigure Animator

Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a program, which allows creating animated videos by using small figures made from sticks and saving the final result in GIF or AVI. This website was created to explain you all the benefits and features of this incredibly useful application.

Key Steps

1. Understand the basics of animation creation. You need to understand that animation is the term of the picture in the frame, which may include hundreds and thousands of different images. Each frame is shown for a couple of milliseconds, and you are able to see many of them in just a second, thus creating the illusion of movement. The key principle is the same as in case with the real cameras, but in this situation all images are drawn, and not filmed.

2. Think positively. Pivot Animator software is a very friendly and accessible application.

Pivot Animator software is very friendly

3. Create any figure in Pivot, and put in on the initial position of the screen. Now click “Add Frame”.

Create figure in Pivot

4. Now move the figure to the part of the screen, which is near to your final frame. You will see the grey grid on the place of the last location of the figure. This grid helps you to find the proper position in case if you are confused or in case if you deleted the figure. By using this grid you can easily return your main hero to his or her initial place.

Move the figure in Pivot Animator

5. Create the animation itself. In order to make it, you need around 300 – 400 different frames. Now save the file in two formats: firstly, in .PIV, and only then in .GIF.

Add frame

6. Now you can add main sounds! Search for Windows Movie Maker on your PC, and launch it. Now click “Import pictures”, and add your GIF-animation. Drag it to the video section. Now you can add some music, and drag it to the sounds and music section. Click “Save on the local computer”, and you are done! You can even use a microphone! Just click on the microphone icon in Windows Movie Maker, click “Record” and add voice comments to your adorable movie. Now click “Done”, and the sound will appear in the timeline!

Add sounds to your GIF-animation

7. Practice a bit. Start with the first frame, and move a circle to one of the sides. Click “Add Frame”, and move the circle to a different place. Click “Add Frame”, and save it on repeat. Now take a look, and you will see that the figure is always moving. Add the animation to Windows Movie Maker, and drag it to the video section a couple of times. By doing so you can control the number of repetitions. The more frames you create, the more complex is the final result. You have to put the figure to the very same place that was used at the beginning. You need to practice again and again, and you will succeed really soon.

Practice in Pivot Stickfigure Animator


- Never post unedited videos on YouTube! Post it only when everything is ready!

- Sometimes the application can collapse, so try to save your progress as often as possible.


What do you need?

- Pivot Animator

- Windows Movie Maker (optionally)

- Photoshop (optionally)

- Adobe Flash (optionally)

- Windows Computer (this application is not supported on Mac computers for now)

We really hope that this information was useful for you!